The Tamar Curriculum

We use a blend of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and some aspects of the Montessori curriculum which helps children to gain knowledge and skills. The students are encouraged to engage in responsible action. They do all of this in a school climate that foster positive attitudes and develop the concept of internationalism.

Details Of Curriculum

Children are competent learners from birth who learn and develop in a wide variety of ways. All practitioners observe the children carefully whilst in their care, consider their needs and interests which co insides with their development at that given time. These elements provide information to help the practitioner plan challenging and enjoyable experiences across all areas of learning and development.


Areas Of Learning And Development

  • Personal Social And Emotional Development
    This includes; socialising, building relationships, being healthy and communities
  • Communication, Language And Literacy
    This includes; reading, mark making, talking and thinking
  • Knowledge And Understanding Of The World
    This includes; construction, environment, exploring small world activities and ICT
  • Physical Development
    This includes; exploring outside and inside the nursery setting
  • Creative Development
    This includes; being messy with all types of materials, arts and crafts, and role playing with peers
  • Problem Solving, Reasoning And Numeracy
    This includes; shapes, numbers, measures and sizing.